Hi there, strangers from the internet. Welcome to my sketchpad that summarizes why I exist.

I enjoy making a meaningful impact on the people around me.

Sometimes that means writing software, fixing things, having a long conversation, preparing a meal, or just having fun with people that matter to me.

If you are a recruiter, which you probably are if anyone actually read this, I do not appreciate cold calls before we agreed that a mutual interest exists via email. If you'd like to work with me, the following things might be helpful to learn more about what's important to me:

  1. Can my colleagues challenge me to grow? Ideally, name someone whom I will likely work with on a daily basis for the role they are hiring for.
  2. Can the product challenge me to grow? I'd prefer something different from a typical web/mobile app that can be prototyped with a Google Form and Spreadsheet. If I will be challenged to learn a new language or framework, that's even better.
  3. Is the mission something I can relate to and take pride from? I am not particularly interested in healthcare, fintech, or social network. What has attracted me in the past are products related to education and tools that help people make better* decisions.
  4. *decisions that will benefit themselves and those around them in the long run.